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EPAL Pallets

EPAL Pallets

Our Euro palettes are EPAL licensed and are manufactured by a 80 x 120 cm European pine tree. Euro pallet allows it to be used everywhere and in every sector, thanks to its environmentalist and being standard. The most widely used type among EPAL licensed pallets in the world is the standard Euro pallet with 80x120 cm dimensions.

General production and acceptance conditions are given as a basis in the UIC 435-2 instruction. Accordingly, the exterior dimensions of the pallet are 800x1200 -0+3 mm.

The moisture rate applicable to the wood material that should be used on the wood is maximum 22%. All arrangements, from the type of nail used in the assembly of the pallet, also known as Euro Pallet, to the assembly coordinates; It is in a way that maximizes the durability of the pallet.

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