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About Us

about us

About Us

Gencer Ambalaj which was founded by the Gencer family in 2003, has been working in its workplace in Manisa Organized Industry Zone and Saruhanlı center since that time.

We manufacture especially EPAL and ISPM 15 certified pallets, all sizes of carrier packaging materials such as wooden pallet, crates and industrial agricultural products.

Mission Quality, Environmental, Sustainability

Our priority is quality, environmental awareness and sustainability in all the products we manufacture, to introduce them to you our valued customers quickly and reliably.

Our Vision Technology, development, innovativeness

We aim to continuously improve our products by following technological developments and provide innovative services to our customers in the country and abroad.

Our Principles

We operate on the principle of customer satisfaction as our foundation in all our processes, protecting their data, continually improving ourselves in order to serve them better.

Security of Data

We attach importance to the safety of all our business partners;we don’t share their data with third parties.

Continuous Progression

We follow the state of the art technology; we apply it to our products and processes.


We adopt the concept of providing professional and high quality service with specialist in their field to our customers .


We aim to offer the most suitable product to our customers and we constantly renew our products.

Kurum Üyelikleri

Kurum Üyelikleri


Member of the European Pallet Association


Full member of The European Federation of Wooden Pallet and Packaging Manufacturers

Our Policies

We are guided by the principle of customer satisfaction while performing all our processes; we protect their data, we’re constantly improving to better serve them.

Our Environment Policy

We try to keep the non-renewable resources we use in our manufacturing processes to a minimum.

Our Employee Policy

Our co-workers are the most important resource of our company.We prioritize employee happiness;we work prosperity of them.


Our wooden pallets,which have a minimum 20 lifetimes,are among the rare products that are completely recyclable among industrial products.


We offer affordable products without compromise on quality.We also extend the life of used pallets by repairing them, we reduce our customers’ cost of transportation.

Occupational Safety

For the safety of our employees,we apply maximum security measures in all our workplaces.

Social Responsibility

We are aware of our responsibilities to our society and the world we live in.

Career at Gencer Ambalaj

Do you want to be a member of the growing Gencer family?

You can fill out the contact form by clicking the button below to make a job application for current open positions or to save your resume in our database.